Teeth Cleaning & Whitening West Auckland

Teeth whitening & teeth cleaning is a great way to give your smile an affordable, safe and instant mini makeover! It should always be carried out by a qualified Dental professional who will give the best advice as to which method will be appropriate to achieve maximum results.

A full assessment is needed to determine if you are a suitable candidate and at Hendriks Dental in west Auckland, we offer a complimentary consultation (it is important to know that Crowns, bridges and fillings will not whiten)

Our teeth darken for several reasons. Certain foods and drinks such as tea, coffee, red wine, smoking, medications and aging can all cause yellowing of the enamel.

Bleaching (whitening) is effective for teeth that have darkened with age or have been stained by smoking or consumption of these foods and drinks. It can also help with teeth that have been damaged by antibiotics, especially tetracyclines, which can cause teeth to become a greyish, brown colour. These teeth take longer and are more difficult to whiten but results have been achieved.


At West Auckland’s Hendriks Dental located in Glendene and neighbouring Henderson and TeAtatu, we provide two methods of whitening:

1. In house teeth whitening that gives you an instant result.

It is a safe treatment and our patients love it! It is the fastest way to give your teeth a lift, boosting your confidence, and we always find our patients leave with a huge smile!

This procedure will take approximately one and a half hours of time in the dental chair and is a great way to achieve speedy results especially if you have a special event coming up! A special “dam” is used to protect your gums and all the soft tissue in your mouth .A peroxide gel is then applied to the teeth and this gently whitens the teeth as you relax in the chair. Some sensitivity may occur during and after the procedure but this is not a permanent or damaging side effect and will disappear within twenty four hours. A sensitivity toothpaste will be recommended for use before and after the whitening appointment.

2. Home bleaching with trays

This method of whitening is great if you do not need instant results and is a gentle, effective way of whitening at home. Impressions are taken of your teeth and then personal custom made trays will be fitted at your next appointment .These can be made within a day. Dental “supervised” fitted trays are important as if a tray does not fit your mouth correctly, it may result in uneven whitening and also damage to the gums.

You simply apply the whitening gel and wear the comfortable trays each night for one hour which will gently whiten your teeth over a period of 10 -14 days in the comfort of your own home. Full instructions will be given and complimentary appointments with the hygienist at Hendriks Dental throughout your treatment are available if you have any questions or concerns

Many of our clients kick start the teeth whitening with the one hour in house treatment and continue the process with home bleaching. We are all individual and so is the enamel on our teeth . Therefore, different results will be achieved from one person to another. Again, this is where an assessment is extremely important before you consider whitening and at Hendriks Dental, we will discuss the best options for you.

Once your teeth have been whitened we do recommend regular maintenance with home trays in order to keep your new fresh look! This is because teeth will re stain over time but with the right care and good oral hygiene habits you can maintain a healthy, bright smile!