Rehab Dentistry – Complete Dental Services West Auckland

Sometimes in life dental condition and oral health can slip, resulting in a backlog of dental work that just has to be done. Hendriks Dental offers dental rehab services that can help rehabilitate and restore your Oral Health. Your teeth may be badly broken down, teeth that are painful to eat with, teeth that are heavily decayed or teeth that are unsightly. Don’t worry or be embarrassed if you’re a bit of a dental mess, we are not at all judgmental or condescending about such things at Hendriks Dental. We like a challenge at Hendriks Dental and use all our technology and skills to fix things. We can rehabilitate mouths with dental crowns, tooth implants, white tooth fillings, dental bridges, porcelain tooth veneers and partial dentures to name a few. Don’t think you are too big a dental mess, don’t delay any longer, call for a consultation and discuss your rehab dentistry options with us.

We service all of West Auckland including Te Atatu, Henderson and Glendene.