Dental Implants in West Auckland ‘s Henderson,Te Atatu and Glendene.

Dental implants at Hendriks Dental clinic are done with modern methods to ensure Painless experience. Located in Glendene, our Western Auckland clinic services Te Atatu and Henderson areas and surrounds.

Dental implants are very simply self-tapping titanium screws that are painlessly placed in jaw bone to support individual crowns, bridges and also used for retaining full or partial dentures. Implants replace the roots of teeth that have been extracted and are the anchor for a myriad of dental solutions for lost teeth. Titanium implants are not rejected by the body and in fact bone cells in the jaw will make new bone around the screws threads so that after six months of placement these implants are fused into the jaw and as such are immoveable. This is now a fabulous foundation for some very effective cool dentistry!

Noelbiocare implants are placed at West Auckland’s Hendriks Dental to replace single or multiple tooth loss or to anchor partial or full dentures for those unfortunate enough to lose multiple teeth. This can be a big leap in quality of life for patients. They tell us that dental implant therapy is life changing! No more loose dentures. Let’s enjoy eating our food again! Sophisticated digital 3D Nobel biocare software is used to plan treatment ensuring a high success rate, excellent safety, and high level of satisfaction for patients.

Imtec Mini implants have proven to be a cost effective and quick technique that is used at Hendriks Dental to retain partial dentures and lock down painful, loose full dentures. Mini implants can also be used to replace single tooth loss in certain situations. A full denture can be locked down by four mini dental implants in one appointment. Results are rapid! See the mini implant patient interview on our home page.

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