Dentistry in West Auckland

West Auckland’s Hendriks Dental offers full range of modern, high tech and painless dental services like tooth replacement, dentures, complete dental check-up and care necessary to ensure a healthy mouth for life. Our clinic is in Glendene and we service patients from across the Western side of Auckland including Henderson, Sunnyvale, Kelston, Glen Eden, Te Atatu,and surrounding areas.

Our Services include:

  1. Computer Digital X ray technology that delivers precise data at a greatly reduced (90 % less) level of radiation to our patients than old film technology. Digital x-ray data is used at Hendriks Dental together with sophisticated 3D software to plan the safe and effective placement of implants and their crowns that replace teeth that have been extracted.
  2. White fillings (tooth coloured fillings) that are attractive. No unsightly silver black amalgams. No mercury involved. These fillings are bonded to the collagen of tooth enamel and dentine to achieve a well sealed and attractive filling. V ring technology ensures great control and superb quality of these fillings.
  3. Root canal therapy that is painless. Nickel titanium technology and rubber dam an absolute must here. Root canal therapy has advanced greatly in the past 5 years. Gone are the days of nasty painful experiences for people. This treatment is performed to save teeth that have nerves that have died and abscess causing pain. Instead of extracting these teeth, Nickel titanium / rubber dam technology performed under local anesthetic, ensures that root canals can be cleansed and sealed with zero pain and the tooth saved. Root filled teeth are prone to chipping and these teeth are often capped (crowned) to strengthen them.
  4. Partial dentures to replace missing teeth. These dentures are removable and often are a cost effective and effective way to replace a lot of teeth that have been removed. Chrome cobalt partials are easily the best partial denture. They are a removable denture and can be cleaned outside of the mouth. Chrome – cobalt partial dentures are: light weight, very strong, not bulky and a precise custom fit that does not cause gum disease issues. Plastic partials are cheaper but are bulky and unkind to gums and are not recommended at Hendriks Dental.
  5. Full dentures retained by implants to lock them down. People with full dentures suffer. It is difficult for them to eat food such as steak or harder food such as carrots or apples because they are trying to eat with two opposing pieces of plastic that are not anchored down to the jaw bone but sit there with a little suction and muscular control. Not easy, not effective. Talking and laughing can be really embarrassing if the denture falls down! At Hendriks Dental we place Mini dental implants or Branemark implants to vastly increase retention of full dentures. Our patients can then eat a lot better and have more social confidence. They tell us it is life changing. See the implant patient interview on the home page.
  6. Sterilization. Strict autoclave sterilization protocol and Bio testing ensures sterile instruments. All instruments are cleaned with detergent then again in an ultrasonic bath and finally in an autoclave. Just like in the hospitals. Bio tests determine whether our systems achieve 100 % kill rate/ removal of all bacteria, fungi, viruses, or any other living organism on the instruments. Needles etc are one use only and are discarded and incinerated commercially.
  7. Crowns that strengthen and beautify weak and broken teeth. Teeth that are heavily filled are often weak and break and or are unsightly. Often we will crown these teeth. Crowns (caps) are full or partial coverings placed onto weak unsightly teeth. Crowns are made of porcelain fused to metal for back molars and all white porcelain for front teeth. These materials used are far stronger than either amalgam or plastic fillings. Hendriks Dental crowns will last for many years and will help to strengthen and beautify weak teeth.
  8. Bridges that replace missing teeth and which also strengthen and beautify remaining teeth. Bridges are fixed permanently into the mouth. Bridges use the teeth on either side of a gap to support a false tooth. Bridges are made of metal and porcelain or all porcelain and are attractive and strong. Bridges last for years when regular dental checkups and good oral hygiene practices are adhered to.
  9. ACC treatment of teeth that have been damaged in accidents. West Auckland’s Hendriks Dental is fully registered to provide ACC funded dental treatment of accidentally damaged teeth.
  10. Hendriks Dental is dedicated to ensuring that our patients retain healthy attractive teeth for life. Ask our team for information on all our dental services – dental checkups, tooth replacements, full and partial dentures and more today. Call 09 838 8133.