Why are a Regular Teeth Cleaning at the Dentist Essential for Your Oral Health?

We all know the importance of flossing and brushing, but did you know having your teeth regularly cleaned at the dentist also has lots of important benefits too?

Professional cleans help remove stains and discoloration that build up over time on the teeth, helping to maintain and improve your teeth’s appearance. They also help prevent against gum disease, plaque, and cavities which can all impact the lifespan of your adult teeth. Once you lose an adult tooth, you cannot grow it back so keeping them in top condition is highly important.

During a clean, your dentist can also look out for signs of damaged teeth, fillings or caps and the beginning of nasty cavities. Early detection is important as your dentist may be able to catch these problems in their early stages, rather than at a later stage when they would have cost you much more money to repair.

In general, keeping in regular contact with your dentist is always a good idea! Hendriks Dental in Auckland offers professional, affordable dental cleaning service to all our patients.

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