What Causes Bad Breath & How to Fight It

If you suffer from bad breath, it can make you quite self-conscious and can even affect your overall self-confidence. If you’re facing this problem it’s important to isolate the cause of the bad breath in order to find the best way to overcome it.

Causes of Bad Breath

The most common cause of bad breath is having poor oral hygiene. If you do not practice correct oral care, the result can be food particles which remain on and in between the teeth. This then begins to omit foul odors and causes bad breath. Other direct causes are from certain foods you eat, drinks such as coffee and tea can be especially bad and smoking cigarettes can be a definite culprit.

What is halitosis?

Chronic bad breath is known as halitosis and is usually caused by a more concerning dental problem. This can include gum disease, issues such as tooth decay and cavities or an increased level of bacteria on the tongue.

The importance of seeing a Dentist

If you’re experiencing any type of persistent bad breath it’s best to contact your Dentist for an overall oral check-up. This will either rule out any of the above possibilities or allow for a diagnosis and subsequent treatment. It’s important to make regular check-ups and cleanings with your local Dentist to keep up with good oral cleanliness. This is essential for everyone.

How to fight it

If you’re bad breath is caused by a less serious condition than halitosis, there are still some great solutions to help fight it. The number one way is by improving your daily oral hygiene. Ensuring you brush your teeth and your tongue 2-3 times per day with daily flossing will have a major impact on your breath. Keeping a healthy diet, watching the number of teas and coffees you consume as well as avoiding cigarettes will all help towards a clean mouth and in fighting bad breath.

To arrange an assessment of the causes of your bad breath, or to simply book your next dental check-up, contact Hendriks Dental today.