Take a Look at Our Alternative Solution to Traditional Dentures

Missing teeth can affect, not only your ability to do simple things such as biting into and chewing your food, it can also affect your confidence which results in smiling less, talking less and sometimes even isolating yourself due to feeling embarrassed about your appearance.

For many years, the only option for people with missing teeth was dentures. Sure, they serve a purpose and can certainly help but they do come with some negative and undesirable side effects. They can be susceptible to moving or dislodging, they can cause discomfort, they require ongoing cleaning and maintenance and require periodical replacement.

Thankfully, with modern technology and advancements in dental treatments, there is a better option available for those suffering from missing teeth. Dental implants are a fantastic alternative, providing a solution for those who do not wish to wear removable dentures. They are a permanent solution that poses no risk to moving or dislodging and look and feel like real teeth.

The process is done by placing titanium screws into the jawbone. These screws act as a new ‘root’ for the implants, keeping them securely in place and causing no discomfort. By using titanium screws, this ensures the body does not reject the implants; in fact, the bone cells in the jaw will actually make new bone around the screws so that after a number of months in place, they are completely immovable.

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