Is Going to the Dentist Your Worst Fear? Sleep Dentistry Could Be For You

One of the most common fears people have is also happens to be one that everyone is required to face at least once in their life time.. Visiting the dentist!

For some it’s the sounds and smells, for others it’s the pain and needles; either way, a visit to the dentist can be one of the most anxiety inducing experiences for people with a fear of the dentist.

The good news is Hendriks Dental specialises in sleep dentistry. This means you no longer have to stress for days before your appointment or worry about uncomfortable sensations while having your dental work done. We can administer Valium sedation intravenously so that you are ‘away with the fairies’ while we work on your teeth!

We often hear of patients avoiding dental visits- even for check-ups, due to their fears and concerns. This can result in much more serious dental issues further down the track. What may have just required a small filling at one stage, can lead to a patient requiring a much larger procedure such as a root canal if a patient has allowed the cavity to deteriorate and gradually get deeper into the tooth.

Visiting the dentist is an important part of life for everyone. Once your baby teeth have and come and gone you are left with your adult teeth and you only have one set! It’s important to ensure you look after them. Brushing and flossing are of course important measures when caring for your teeth but even people with the most stringent dental hygiene routines can still require fillings, cleans and other dental work.

Don’t put off your visit any longer. Come and see our team at Hendriks Dental and let us put you in a nice relaxing sleep while we resolve your dental issues.