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Hendriks Dental clinic in West Auckland in the suburb of Glendene serving all of Henderson, Te Atatu and surrounding areas. Established for over 23 years, our dental clinic offers comprehensive dental services with leading edge technology and is experienced in family dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, valium sleep dentistry and Implant dentistry. Doctor Ron Hendriks, BSc (Auckland),B.D.S (Otago) heads the team of the Henderson dentists and Dental that is dedicated to ensuring that patients at the practice retain healthy attractive teeth for life. We are a friendly bunch of dentists, dental surgeons and dental hygienists keen to make your dental experience a painless(painless dentistry) and fruitful one. For example, Sleep dentistry (valium sedation) is a technique used extensively in our dental clinic to help achieve a lot of dentistry in a single session. Sleep dentistry is a great service for people that have neglected their teeth because of possible negative past dental experiences.

Hendriks Dental Auckland is a fully computerized, modern dental clinic. All x-ray data is taken in digital format ensuring accuracy and providing a superb data base for precise diagnosis and ensures a high success rate of treatment. Importantly, far lower radiation doses are given to patients than dated film X ray systems.

Dental Implants are offered at Hendriks Dental for various reasons from the replacement of teeth lost to anchoring of partial dentures and full dentures to jaw bone. Brane’mark implants and Imtec mini implants are extensively used to enable our patients to eat properly again. And we think everyone deserves to eat, laugh and live a good life with their own teeth.

Our hygienist services also effectively prevent gum disease and treat existing gum disease that can attack the very foundations of teeth.

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